Frequently Asked Questions

We charge $179 a month for doctoral support as well as a dedicated “Wellness Success Coach 24/7”.   You will also have access to our VIP Patient Portal.  All base medications and lab tests are shipped straight to your home. You will have unlimited access to your dedicated physician through your patient portal and your Wellness Success Coach.

  1. You sign up for a FREE Discovery Call with one of our “Wellness Success Coaches”.  We have highly experienced, dedicated physicians for you to choose from.  This allows you the freedom to choose a doctor with whom you are most comfortable.  Doctoral care is only $179 a month.
  2. Once patient onboarding documents and initial sign up is complete, you will have your first consultation with the doctor of your choice.  Then your hormone test is mailed to your home.
  3. Once you mail your hormone test back to our lab and your results are in, your Wellness Success Coach will schedule your consultation with your doctor to review results and discuss treatment plans.
  4. After your second consultation is complete, your doctor will ship required medications and supplements directly to your home.
  5. You will complete your onboarding with a final consultation with your Wellness Success Coach to review treatment plan.
  6. Monthly, you will meet with your doctor and have unlimited access to your Wellness Success Coach.

After 90 days, we will recheck your hormone levels to assess your progress.

  • Standard 3-day shipping from Houston is $10
  • 2-day shipping is $25
  • Overnight immediate shipping is $45
  • Our pharmacy does not accept insurance.  However, you can take your prescription to any pharmacy to utilize your insurance
  • If you are cash pay our pharmacy will ship your medications straight to your home.  Our pharmacy price list is in the PHARMACY Page.
  1. Our average MALE patient will spend $250-$350 a month depending on the type and quantity of medication prescribed.
  2. Our average FEMALE patient will spend $250-$350 a month depending on the type and quantity of medication prescribed.
  3. Your first month you will pay for your Comprehensive Lab test which ranges from $100 – $380
  4. Your first month you will pay for your medications which ranges from $50-$250
  5. An average patient will only spend estimated $250 a month
  • You will input your billing information into your patient portal, which is accessible from our home page login button.  We will email you access to your patient portal when you sign up.
  • Automatic monthly charge of $179 with a 6 month commitment
  • Monthly fee includes your dedicated Wellness Success Coach & your dedicated physician


If you notice anything out of the ordinary, out of date please contact

Service fees are non-refundable due to ongoing services rendered. If services have not been rendered please contact your Wellness Advisor immediately. 

If you receive a lab test that has been damaged or rendered unusable. can immediately ship you out a new kit. 

Yes, our Man Program runs a base hormone test via cheek swabs, and you are prescribed 2 core hormones to even out your hormones according to your lab results.  You will be prescribed a pill which will regulate the female hormone estrogen and testosterone which can be injected or apply a cream if you cannot inject your own testosterone. 3 months later we will conduct another lab test to see the results of the treatment.

Yes & No.  We cannot prescribe any medication that is not legally approved by local laws.  However, a lot of base “steroids” are legally prescribed and available through our service given your lab tests provide the necessary levels to be prescribed those “hormones”.

  1. We only prescribe medications according to lab work and legal standards.  
  1. Our pharmacy is a custom compound pharmacy.  We can custom mix, build and design legal steroids and compounds custom to each patient.  If lab work legally deems these medications to be legally prescribed.

We have over 120 medications and compounds we can prescribe.  There is not a health-related issue related to hormonal support we cannot prescribe for, or custom compound the medications you need.

We conduct lab work on every patient and can support sport & fitness trainers and athletes.  We can prescribe many sources of health and wellness and performance according to legal standards in regard to lab work.

YES, it’s one of our core services.  We have medications that can help your hormones get aligned to quickly lose weight as well as an online fitness coach and nutrition coach to help as well.

YES!  80% of our patients are women.  We can help with fertility treatments, weight loss, bioidentical hormone support, weight gain, fitness and athletic training, sleep, diet & more.

  1. Yes.  We have a lab who will run a full DNA panel for you to understand all that you can know about your DNA from diet, training and more. 
  2. Our DNA testing provides insight into how to live more successfully in every way according to your actual DNA
  1. YES! We have an on staff nutritional consultant, fitness coach & wellness coach.  
  2. You can hire our online coach to support you on your journey to better health.
  1. You FIRST go to our website and  set a FREE CONSULTATION
  2. During your consultation if you want to sign up. You will download the DR. Chronos app and create your profile and account. Your Wellness Success Coach will send you a link to download the app. 
  3. You will pay your start up fee of $179 a month for minimum of 6 months. 
  4. You will pay your first Comprehensive Hormone Test by $380
  5. You will then pay for your medication’s prescriptions after your second meeting with your doctor
  1. First thing is you should expect a free consultation from a dedicated Wellness Success Coach who will introduce you to our program and offerings
  2. Second thing you should expect is to complete the new patient onboarding documentation online in the patient portal.  Which consists of: legal agreements, financial data, demographics & patient history from your past providers
  3. Third thing you should expect is to complete ZRT Labs Comprehensive At Home Hormone Test and return it to the lab via mail
  4. Fourth thing you should expect is to complete billing for your initial month and set appointment with your physician by video after your lab results arrive and to be prescribed medications to support your lab work and symptoms
  5. Fifth thing you should expect is to pay for you medications and to have medications shipped to your front door in 3-4 days