Holly Sinar - Wellness Success Coach

Hey, my name is Holly. 
I am originally from NW Indiana. I earned a b.s. in Exercise Science. Shortly after college, I moved to Florida. 
I have been health coaching and training for almost 20 years. I especially enjoy assisting people to dig in further with their health.
In my free time, I enjoy cooking, running my 77 lb mutt (poodle and weimaraner) and cussing while watching a Cubs game.

As a “Wellness Success Coach for MultiGen Wellness Online.  My passion is guiding you through all of our various services and acting as your personal heath concierge.  I will assist you every step of the way from your first interaction to setting you up with your doctor for treatment.  My vast experience and knowledge will be helpful as we understand every patient is at a different place in their journey with “hormone therapy”. 

I know there are so many questions!  I am here to guide you through those questions, find you answers and solutions and connect you with your doctor.  At MultiGen Wellness we call ourselves a “boutique concierge healthcare service.”  With your simple once a month fee, you will get my dedicated care as well as your doctor who you will meet with every month.

I am here to hold your hand from now until your completely feeling AMAZING again!

I am skilled in guiding patients through our online hormone therapy treatments, supplemental guidance, DNA testing, lab testing, medication guidance and our services in general.  I am your educational resource!

We know our patients and clients care more about quality and 5-Star Services than pricing and that is why I am your dedicated Wellness Success Coach!


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