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We are a boutique whole health care & wellness service. Our online wellness programs start by looking at a full panel of your hormones.  Simply schedule a free consultation with our doctors to begin.

We provide online hormone therapy, DNA analysis tests, monthly DNA based supplements, fitness coaching, nutrition coaching & wellness coaching.

All of our services are conducted by video through our mobile app Dr. Chronos.

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Hormone Symptom Test

it is time to feel great again

Hormone Symptom Test

it is time to feel great again


Transform your mind and body from the inside-out to live a healthier, happier and more purposeful life!
We Offer Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness Coaching Packages.
Coaching by Breanna LeBlanc


Step One

Schedule FREE CONSULTATION with our team of doctors then choose the doctor best suited for you

Step Two

Download our Dr. Chronos App & set up your billing data

Step Three

We will ship you the "at home LAB test" taken by cheek swabs. Complete your lab results consultation with your doctor and medications are SHIPPED to your home discretely and quickly

Final Step

Once sign up is completed our doctors will ship your hormone testing kit straight to your home within 3-5 days. Your doctor will send you a link to Dr. Chronos our APP you’ll then download to complete the billing and sign up process.  There is NO blood work, we are able to pull all of your hormone levels from simple cheek swabs.  Simply place the lab box back into the mail and your doctor will schedule your follow up consultation once your lab results are in.Our treatment is strait forward and easy. Its simply $97 a month + meds.  We have over 120+ medications for you to choose from in our PHARMACY.  Once your final consultation is completed and the medications required are chosen. 

MultiGen Wellness Pricing Structure



Lab Work

ONLY $125 For Base Test

We have 5 levels of testing:

pay 3 months get 10% OFF

pay 6 months get 15% OFF

pay 9 months get 20% OFF

pay 12 months get 25% OFF


Our Pharmacy is located in Houston Texas and can drop ship medications straight to your door overnight or regular 3-day shipping is only $10

Our Free Tests

Nutritional Health Test

Fitness Health Test

Hormone Symptom Test

Women's Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy is used to help balance estrogen and progesterone in women helping to loose weight, balance moods, and sexuality

Men's Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Is prescribed as a way to stave off some of the changes linked to aging, such as decreased muscle and bone mass.  Testosterone helps maintain moods, muscle mass, energy, sleep and vitality

Hear from Our Patients...

Olivia deoc
Olivia deoc
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Wow!!! I feel SO much better & more ALIVE!!! I am so grateful for the doctors and this service. I found out from my family doctor that I was showing symptoms of imbalance hormones and I was so lost. My doctor recommended me to find a specialist as he didn't specialize in women's health & hormone imbalances. I found MultiGen Wellness Online and immediately scheduled my free consultation with the doctor. It was so informative and insightful as well. They shipped me my hormone test within 1 week, and I had my medications at my doorstep within 14 days of my free consultation.
Ava smithia
Ava smithia
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I just had my 3rd baby about 3 months ago and had been focused on loosing the "baby fat" and also trying to get back in sink with my husband and our sex life. I was noticing things I didn't feel from my 1st and 2ond pregnancies and was curious. So, I set a free consultation with the doctor here on the website. Wow, so much information....I found out my hormones never bounced back after the 3rd pregnancy and the doctor prescribed me some medications to help lose the body fat fast as well as even out my hormones. OMG I must say, me & my husband are very very happy. I started noticing immediate results in the gym and my turn on and appetite for sex is higher than when I was 19!!! I highly recommend Dr. Kimberly. She has been amazing!!! Yall changed my life!!



We charge $97 a month for doctoral support and use of our medical APP Dr. Chronos.  We charge $125 for our base hormone test and you also pay for your medications from our pharmacy

  1. You sign up for a free consultation with our doctors and you choose the doctor of your choice.  Doctoral care is only $97 a month
  2. You then pay for your hormone test which our base hormone test is only $125
  3. You then pay for your medications and shipping. 
  • Standard 3-day shipping from Houston is $10
  • 2-day shipping is $25
  • Overnight immediate shipping is $45
  1. Our average hormone replacement MALE patient will spend $250-$350 a month depending on how many and how much of each medication prescribed.
  2. Our average FEMALE patient will spend $200-$350 a month depending on how many and how much of each medication is prescribed
  • You will input your billing information into the Dr. Chronos app once you download the APP and set up your profile in the app
  • You doctor will input your bills into the app for you to pay
  • You will pay for doctoral care at $97 a month and we have 3, 6, 9 & 12-month payment options.
  • You will pay for your labs when you sign up and every 3 months after that.  Our base lab test is $125.  We have 4 levels of testing to get as detailed reports as you desire.
  • You will pay for your medication prescriptions.

No, once a medication leaves our pharmacy it is non-refundable

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