Difference Between Us and Other Hormone Therapy Companies



What is the difference between MultiGen Wellness Concierge Health and other companies who provide telemedicine and hormone therapy? 


We aim to answer this question here today in this article. When we developed the vision for MultiGen Wellness it was because we wanted to create a system to genuinely help our patients from a whole health perspective. We wanted to connect patients to the highest trained and experienced specialist in the world. 


We saw that healthcare was changing when Covid came and we wanted to create something different. You either become the best at a service already existing or you create something new and an entirely new way of offering something if you want to make an impact in the world. Our founder Joshua Crampton had an experience at local “testosterone centers” that earmarked what standards to beat. 


Lets hear from the founder:


“I discovered at around 28 years old that I was suffering from low testosterone. I did the normal thing and went across the street from my gym to Low T Center. I paid $35 for the base testosterone test and got my first shot that day. I would go into the clinic every Tuesday and Thursday and stand in line behind the other 15 guys to get my shot. Over the years I tried many of these “corner store depots” and was always left with the same impression. 

The final straw the spurred the founding and creation of MultiGen Wellness Concierge Health was a 3 day hospital stay where I almost died. The clinic I had been going too had 1 PA who ran the shop and a dozen young attractive nurses. I was keeping the normal routine of Tuesday and Thursday shots. Driving into the clinic every day and standing in line. 

I had been complaining of low energy, brain fog and feeling heavy. I only saw the PA maybe once a month but I would complain every time I went in of my side effects. The solution for the PA was simply “MORE TESTOSTERONE.” At one point he tried to sell me HGH for $800/month. 

After months of this treatment I ended up getting deathly sick one night and drove myself to the ER. The doctor on duty ordered every blood test known to man. Everything from cortisol, to estrogen to thyroid.  They looked at EVERYTHING in my body. 

After sitting with the disgusted ER doctor and learning how screwed up my body was I myself got furious. Apparently the reason I was suffering from such side effects was because my blood thickness called Hermetic Rate was over 53 where the average should be around 35. It meant my blood was this as oil and I was in range of having a stroke. I learned my cortisol was totally wrecked from stress. I learned my thyroids were blown out and my adrenal glands were malfunctioning. My testosterone was over 1,000 and my estrogen was way way too high too. 

The ER doc explained to me that the reason all of this was happening and I was basically dying was because the Testosterone clinic I was going too was ONLY testing 2 things: estrogen and testosterone. They were not testing ALL these other things so they had no way of truly helping me.” 

This story is one of 1,000s and 1,000;s of men who are currently suffering from this “malpractice” today who are still stuck going to these “corner store testosterone depots.” 


We developed the business model of hiring the highest trained and experienced hormone and functional health practitioners available and connecting them with our patients. In a concierge based system that does not cost too much more than the typical “testosterone depots.” We also partnered with local labs and we test everything possible in the body with every new patient and we treat the WHOLE BODY. 


This practice has allowed us to create a concierge at home system where our patients save their time by seeing their dedicated providers from home and have unlimited communication with these dedicated specialists. When a patient is assigned a provider, that provider is their devoted specialist. They see that person every month and an ongoing treatment relationship is built. 

These are the major differences between us and other services available to find and use. We provide a dedicated specialist and treat the whole body. Hormone therapy is the foundation.

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