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How Can We Help You?

Multigen Wellness promotes healthier life choices that can help our patients function to the best of their abilities. Our integrative approach or hormone therapy and health coaching creates the perfect ecosystem for our patients to adapt to the changes that their bodies are going through, without being too overwhelming.

We provide study materials and necessary education that is essential for maintaining hormonal equilibrium in both men and women. 

Health Coaching for Men

Testosterone imbalance in men can be responsible for multiple mental health conditions, infertility, sexual performance, libido, loss of muscle mass and bone density. Our health coaches approach this type of imbalance with a holistic healthcare plan, focusing on multiple different aspects. This includes the quality of sleep, the type of nutrition, hours spent exercising and the type of physical activity best fit, stress management and overall energy levels.

Health Coaching for Women

Women experience hormonal changes at different points in their lives, starting from menstruation, to pregnancy and menopause. These constantly fluctuating hormones can lead to mental distress, diminishing reproductive health, cancer, insomnia, loss of bone density and more. Our integrative approach helps women reach a hormonal equilibrium with the appropriate nutritional and lifestyle changes without long-term dependence on pills.

Join Our Integrative Wellness Program to Find the Healthy You

Your hormones cannot define you, but you can determine how they make you feel. Let us help you. 

Individualized Healthcare Plans to Promote Wellness

No healthcare plan fits all. Especially if you are suffering from hormonal imbalances. This type of healthcare issue can translate into multiple different types of symptoms in men and women. While some suffer from predominantly emotional and mental symptoms, like anxiety, depression, insomnia, cognitive imbalance and more. Some patients suffer from more physically deteriorating symptoms like loss of bone density or muscle mass. We also cannot ignore the fact that hormonal changes and their symptoms look very different in men and women. 

This means that there is no one healthcare plan or approach that can benefit every patient. 

At Multigen Wellness, we personalize our wellness approach to fit the requirements of individual patients. Our process includes regular consultations with our Wellness Success Coaches and Clinicians who will review your treatment plan and your progress during the time. After a period of 90 days, you will undergo another assessment to recheck the hormonal levels. 


Integrative Health Coaching - A Holistic Approach to Wellness!

Hormonal fluctuations can push men and women to mental and physical extremes, leading to medical issues like depression, anxiety, infertility, sexual dysfunction, acne and so much more. To target such imbalances, Multigen Wellness provides its patients with hormonal therapy and integrative health coaching. While hormonal therapy requires the inclusion of medical supplements to create a balanced hormonal structure, integrative coaching helps sustain that equilibrium long term. 

Integrative health coaching is the secondary part of our wellness program. It focuses more on the integration of appropriate diet and nutrition, exercises, lifestyle changes and supplementation as a means of improving the quality of living without depending on medications. 

Our responsibility is to teach our patients the right way to live their life, by promoting healthy and smart choices. Our health coaching provides a holistic preventive approach to target hormonal imbalances. This reduces the chances of such an event turning into a recurring health issue for patients. 

Combining Hormone Replacement Therapy & Integrative Health Coaching

We approach your hormonal imbalances a little differently. We do not believe in excessive dependency on medications to balance out your hormones, nor do we negate the importance of medications to initiate the process. 

Long-term dependency on pills can also alter the way natural hormones function. We do not support that. Our only purpose of integrating medication based hormone therapy is to create a hormonal equilibrium in your body. This will be the point of wellness where you feel your best, leading to elite performance. 

However, when you reach this point of balance, we switch your treatment plan and guide you towards a more sustainable and lifestyle oriented wellness approach. This plan usually replaces your medications. We tend to focus on your nutrition, mental health stability, physical exercises, sleep cycles and other aspects of daily life that can help sustain your hormonal levels. We may also introduce other supplements in place of your medications, if necessary. At the end of the day, we provide you with adequate knowledge and education so that you can uphold your quality of life even after the wellness program is completed.

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