Hormone Therapy for Men and Women

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Telemedicine based hormone therapy services begin with a blood panel to see what is happening in your body


Most men experience a decline in their testosterone levels as they close on to their 30’s. In certain situations, some experience unnaturally low testosterone levels early on. This imbalance can impact their sexual life, muscle bulk and bone density. With our hormone therapy and integrative health coaching, we help you reach the equilibrium that allows your body to be in the best state possible.


Women tend to go through major hormonal changes in their life, whether experiencing menstruation or menopause. Any imbalances in their hormones can lead to unnatural fatigue, loss of bone density, hot flashes and more. To bring their hormone levels at an equilibrium, our clinicians provide medicinal and therapeutic support to patients.


$ 67/Month OR $797/Year
  • Doctor visit every 3Months, blood work every 3months & medication refill every 3months
  • Communicate with Your Doctor Through Our Custom APP easily Installed on your phone
  • + Medications (Average medications cost $45 $85/month)
  • lab Max Plus* - Our complex blood test covers more than 8 hormones ($207)
  • Medication Shipped Directly to your home! (We provide 3 months of medications per refill)


$ $397/Month OR $4,677/Year
  • includes VIDEO CALLSWith doctors
  • Unlimited CommunicationWith Your Doctor Through Our Custom APP Easily Installed On Your Phone 24/7
  • Dedicated "Patient Care Coordinator"
  • + Medications (average medications cost $45 - $85/month)
  • + Blood Test Panels $210(Required upon initial sign up and every 3 Months)
  • Medication Shipped Directly To Your Home! (We Provide 3 Months Of Medications Per Refill)​
  • Lab Max Plus* - Our Complex Blood Test Covers More Than 8 Hormones ($207)
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We offer FREE Hormone Therapy for ALL Veterans! 

Ask about our Veterans Program! 


How Our Service Works:

STEP 1: Blood Testing

A proper diagnosis starts with a Comprehensive lab panel  – and we make lab testing easy.  We are different from other clinics because we test many hormones in the body. Not just testosterone or estrogen. 

STEP 2: Consult With Provider & Review Blood Test Results

Once your blood test arrive you will have your first session with your dedicated Provider. Here you will gain understanding of whats happening inside of your body. 

STEP 3: Get Prescriptions

After your consultation where lab results are reviewed by one of our HRT specialists, your medication will be shipped directly to your home. 

AFTER THIS. . . You will begin the rest of your journey by having monthly 1 on 1 sessions with your dedicated provider.

Communication is important on your hormone therapy journey so each month you will have a 1-1 session with your dedicated provider to go over symptoms, changes and improvements. Your prescriptions can be altered each month as you progress. 



How We Help You:

At Multigen Wellness we believe in treating the ailment right from the root. This includes the prescription of any necessary medication that can help set your hormones in balance. But that’s not all. We follow up this treatment plan with Integrative Health Coaching that can help you maintain appropriate hormone levels without depending on the medication. Our specialists will guide you towards the right type of nutrition and diet, exercises, supplementation and more. This secondary step should help you reach an equilibrium that was once missing.

Our Promise

Increase Energy + Balanced Mood + Improved Sleep + Boosted Weight Loss + Enhanced Mental Clarity + Restored Libido

This is our promise! 

Our doctors work hand-in-hand with every patient to help them reach their goal. With a combination of medications and therapy, we can help you restore your vigor. You’ll be provided with the right education and solutions that will help you maintain your youthful energy, even after the program is completed.

Should You Opt for Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Are you experiencing unwanted changes in your mood, hot flashes, sudden weight gain, unexplained depression or anxiety? In such cases, consulting a specialist might be in your best interests! Multiple adults and even minors go through hormone imbalances without even realizing it. If not targeted on time, this can cause you more harm in the future.

Even if you’re unsure about the symptoms you’re experiencing, getting a professional opinion is the right place to start.

Why Hormone Replacement Therapy?

The hormones in your body regulate all functions, from sleeping pattern to metabolism, reproductive health and more. Any hormone imbalance in your body can trigger your body to act and feel distant from your true self. This can come as symptoms of increased stress and anxiety, hot flashes, fatigue, weight gain, bone loss, issues in sexual performance or fluctuations in your monthly cycle, to name a few.

Using Hormone Replacement Therapy, MultiGen Wellness aims to set our patients on the right track. We’re simplifying the process of connecting with a certified clinician who can go over your medical history and present you with an individualized treatment plan.

All that’s left for you to do is Take the First Step!