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MultiGen Wellness Online Offers full boutique of whole health care. We start our online wellness program by looking at a full panel of your hormones.  We have many doctors for you to Select from when you sign up.  Simply schedule a free call with the doctor of your choice and then complete the new patient onboarding steps.

Once sign up is completed our doctors will ship your hormone testing kit straight to your home within 3-5 days. Your doctor will send you a link to Dr. Chronos our APP you’ll then download to complete the billing and sign up process.  There is NO blood work, we are able to pull all of your hormone levels from simple cheek swabs.  Simply place the lab box back into the mail and your doctor will schedule your follow up consultation once your lab results are in.

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 MultiGen Wellness is the first medical company in Texas to provide full scale, whole health including lab testing, hormone testing, as well as nutraceutical testing to patients by connecting technology & high class doctors and patients through an easy step 1, step 2, step 3 system. Creating the availability of top-class medical staff to our patients 30 days a month 24 hours a day within an affordable package.


Houston (/ˈhjuːstən/ (listen) HEW-stən) is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Texas, fourth-most populous city in the United States, most populous city in the Southern United States, as well as the sixth-most populous in North America, with an estimated 2019 population of 2,320,268. Located in Southeast Texas near Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, it is the seat of Harris County and the principal city of the Greater Houston metropolitan area, which is the fifth-most populous metropolitan statistical area in the United States and the second-most populous in Texas after the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, with a population of 7,066,141 in 2019. Houston is the southeast anchor of the greater megaregion known as the Texas Triangle.

Comprising a total area of 637.4 square miles (1,651 km2), Houston is the eighth-most expansive city in the United States (including consolidated city-counties). It is the largest city in the United States by total area, whose government is not consolidated with that of a county, parish, or borough. Though primarily in Harris County, small portions of the city extend into Fort Bend and Montgomery counties, bordering other principal communities of Greater Houston such as Sugar Land and The Woodlands.

The city of Houston was founded by land investors on August 30, 1836, at the confluence of Buffalo Bayou and White Oak Bayou (a point now known as Allen’s Landing) and incorporated as a city on June 5, 1837. The city is named after former General Sam Houston, who was president of the Republic of Texas and had won Texas’s independence from Mexico at the Battle of San Jacinto 25 miles (40 km) east of Allen’s Landing. After briefly serving as the capital of the Texas Republic in the late 1830s, Houston grew steadily into a regional trading center for the remainder of the 19th century.

The arrival of the 20th century had a convergence of economic factors that fueled rapid growth in Houston, including a burgeoning port and railroad industry, the decline of Galveston as Texas’s primary port following a devastating 1900 hurricane, the subsequent construction of the Houston Ship Channel, and the Texas oil boom. In the mid-20th century, Houston’s economy diversified, as it became home to the Texas Medical Center—the world’s largest concentration of healthcare and research institutions—and NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where the Mission Control Center is located.

Houston’s economy since the late 19th century has a broad industrial base in energy, manufacturing, aeronautics, and transportation. Leading in healthcare sectors and building oilfield equipment, Houston has the second-most Fortune 500 headquarters of any U.S. municipality within its city limits (after New York City). The Port of Houston ranks first in the United States in international waterborne tonnage handled and second in total cargo tonnage handled.



MultiGen Wellness also provide online nutrition coaching & Planning as well as Online Fitness Training & Coaching. Our nutrition consultation is FREE and provides an online assessment with our nutritionist.  You will meet with your nutritionist weekly and/or monthly depending upon the type of support you need. Our online fitness training provides a FREE consultation with our online fitness trainer along with an online assessment. You will meet with your fitness trainer daily, weekly or monthly depending upon the type of support you need. Our specialist combined can create a whole health plan including dieting based upon your DNA and full fitness regime geared towards your individual needs.

Reach out and schedule your FREE CONSULTATION AND ASSESSMENT with our online nutritional coach & online fitness trainer!


If you desire to go deeper into your health and include spirituality, life coaching, emotional coaching and more. .  . Then reach out to our life coach Deseere Cruz’. 

Deseere has been a life and relationship coach for many years and provides coaching >>>>>>>>>>>> Grab content from:

Deseere Cruz’ offers a FREE CONSULTATION to get you emersed in how to break through to the better You!


MultiGen Wellness looks at health through the wholistic lens of hormonal health, DNA based health, mental health (stress levels), physical health, diet health & emotional and relational health. You have all the categories of self-love to tend too. Including your physical health, mental health, wealth and family, career and relationships.

We provide high quality and highly experienced professionals to tend to each and every part of your healthcare(whole life) so you can use professionals, DNA Tests, recurring lab tests and many many years of experience from our staff. You will have easy access to your doctors & coaching through our APP Dr. Chronos which you will download on your smart device or login online. 

Never have to schedule an appointment and wait 2-3 weeks to see your doctor again!

Got a question, Feeling OFF? Simply grab your phone, open the Dr. Chronos app. Click on CONNECT, and BOOM reach out to your doctor or coach!

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