If you have become confused or interested in hormone therapy you have probably Googled some of these terms and got back an entire library of conflicting results, articles, videos and ads for you to Sign Up Now!!! I know I know…Overwhelm! Look hormone therapy is actually REALLY simple so let’s back up a little and look at the TWO different mythologies regarding HORMONE THERAPY.


FIRST, The side effects of not taking action or not taking measures to get hormone therapy when you are alerted to the fact of having imbalanced hormones are a health risk that far outweighs the risk of being ON hormone therapy. Hormones are the grounding force that tells the body how to behave and function. From sleep patterns to how much body fat your body carries. We have patients who lose 5 – 10 pounds of body fat simply by getting ON hormone therapy. For example, a male with low testosterone and high estrogen will carry 10 – 15% more body because his hormone structure is mimicking that of a women’s hormone structure. If a man’s testosterone is found to be low he will not be able to reach the levels of R.E.M. Sleep that his body needs in order to recharge fully. His body will not be able to break down protein molecules fully and also his appetite could be suffering. We refer to Hormone Therapy as SYMPTOM THERAPY. Because the ONLY time a new patient reaches out to us is when the SYMPTOMS they are experiencing are so bad that their lives are interrupted enough that they stop the movement of everyday life to find a solution to their symptoms. Often when a patient comes to us complaining of 2-3 symptoms and they begin therapy, they will report that they improved in many more ways than the original 2-3 symptoms that they came to us for. Overall, the risks associated with avoiding and not taking action to sort out your hormone imbalance will lead to way more loss of life and vitality than making the conscious effort to reach out and get help.

SECOND, the benefits of taking the effort to get hormone therapy far outweigh the risks of not taking action. As mentioned above when we provide a free consultation with a new patient the conversation is always focused on SYMPTOMS. Determining what symptoms the patient is suffering from the most. Side effects of imbalanced hormones are: sleep disorders, eating disorders, erectile dysfunction, weight gain and also the inability to gain weight, emotional imbalances or mood swings, problems managing emotions, lethargy, and the list goes on. We typically see patients complain of around 2-6 of these various symptoms and after the patient begins therapy they discover they were suffering from many more symptoms that they were NOT even aware of. We find this often in couples regarding their sex lives. Often therapy starts with the woman. After she begins therapy and her desire increases she will drag her husband in for treatment because he can no longer keep up with her. We have many couples who enter therapy together or the other signs up soon after the first partner signs up. We determine that 80% of humans over the age of 30 have some kind of hormonal imbalance they are NOT aware of.

We begin our treatment model with a wide range hormonal panel that checks over 51 variables in the body so we can see EXACTLY what is happening for that patient.



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