What is the difference between Pellet Hormone Therapy and Injectable Hormone Therapy?

What is the difference between Pellet Hormone Therapy and Injectable Hormone Therapy?
If you have become confused or interested in hormone therapy you have probably Googled some of these terms and got back an entire library of conflicting results, articles, videos, and ads for you to Sign Up Now!!! I know I know…Overwhelm! Look hormone therapy is actually REALLY simple so lets back up a little and look at the TWO different mythologies regarding HORMONE THERAPY.


FIRST, there is Injectable “Hormone Therapy” which involves starting with a blood hormone test to find out exactly what the status is of the hormones in your body now. Then providing injectable medications to even out and straighten out the hormone levels bringing your body back to wholeness. This therapy is what MultiGen Wellness specializes in and in our experience is the safest and best way. The side effects are limited as the dosages are prescribed to be injected every morning. The medicines we prescribe have a very very short half-life and therefore IF there are any side effects they diminish quickly. Allowing you to adjust your dosages almost daily to perfect your levels. The importance of this is vital as the ONLY kind of side effects we mostly see is either dosage TOO HIGH or TOO LOW.

SECOND, there is “Pellet Hormone Therapy” which involves a medical procedure or “Minor Surgery” required to input a PELLET into your skin. Here at MultiGen Wellness do NOT CONDONE this kind of therapy as it actually involves a formal doctor visit, a surgery and has to be put in every 3 months. The risk for this type of surgical hormone therapy is that once the PELLET is in your body. It has to be surgically removed IF the dosage is too high. If the dosage is too LOW the ONLY thing to do is go have another surgery and install another pellet. The story we have heard is the pellets can burst in your body releasing ALL the testosterone all at one time which is deadly. We heard a woman was riding a horse and her pellet burst putting her in the hospital. We heard the story of a male bodybuilder who was doing squats and his pellet burst putting him in the hospital.

These are the differences between Injectable Hormone Therapy VS. Pellet Therapy. We hope these outlines help you to become more educated about the 2 main types of hormone therapy available to you. We offer free consultations at MultiGen Wellness.

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